About the Author

The Author is a smug twat. He speaks with a funny accent that is a mixture of Eastern European, Yorkshire and Idiot.

If I ever meet him on the street, I’ll punch him in the gob.

One Response to “About the Author”

  1. Francis van Lierop Says:

    Hi, I don’t know if you remember me from that infamous site, and if you’re still on it.
    I packed it in when the fat moderator started insulting me. ‘Tooling’ me from +3 to -3, whilst at the same time ‘cooling’ himself from 15 or so to 25 or so, made me think what on earth I was doing on a site with such low standards.
    It was not what I was used to, in fact it used to have a family feel, as opposed to the inane kipper site.
    Is it an Everton thing, or an age thing, this need to insult a fellow Evertonian? I’ve never really understood it.
    It happened earlier on nsno when that junior joke of a mod started insulting junior posters, when I challenged him about his behaviour, guess what? He banned me, lol.
    If it wasn’t for Cods, the guy from Tasmania, I probably would still have been banned. So I wouldn’t have met you at the Holiday Inn do some years ago.
    Instead of getting an apology for my troubles, which seems a pretty normal response for the weird going’s on, I was offered to become a mod myself, ironically taking the place of that junior jo(k)e.
    But it wasn’t a thing I was considering, without an apology from the owner, so the Scots car salesman Gash got the job instead. He’s probably doing it far better than I ever would, as my heart was no longer in it.
    In fact I don’t miss it at all. Ok, I did enjoy myself exchanging stuff on European football with you, and other stuff with guys such as GLewis and a few others, but to be honest, at the end I was finding it more of a drag. Trawling the rubbish for the odd spark of intelligence.
    Then Fatso made my mind up for me, doing the thing he probably does best, acting the bully. I’ve never found anything remotely positive coming from him, but maybe I’m a bit biased now :)
    The one good thing that site was good for, was the ability to practice my English, I guess you recognise this.

    I am in Halifax next week. An old school friend lives there.
    I went last August too, and also went to the Everton-Arsenal game, taking the train across the Penines. Good game, bar the last 8 minutes or so, squandering a 2-0 lead. A hint of the major disappointment this season is.
    No Everton this trip, but a visit to a Cricket Test Match at Headingly, which is a new for me.

    all the best,


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