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February 23, 2012

It’s official: special relativity was a mistake.

Today it emerged that a thorough check of the equipment used by Messrs Michelson and Morley in their now famous experiment revealed tiny specks of dirt on one of the mirrors.

While many phantasists were understandably disappointed on hearing the news, not everyone is sad to see Einstein’s theory toppled.

‘Thankfully, sanity prevailed,’ said one physicist who wishes to stay anonymous. ‘As pretty as Einstein’s theory was mathematically, the notion of a non-absolute time would’ve gone against all the great progress we had been making in modern physics.’

‘Now that we’ve finally put this ridiculous E=mc2 business behind us, we will see the beginning of a new, glorious era of luminiferous aether-based technology’, he concluded.


November 16, 2011

Evolutionary biologists must be cursing the day one of them came up with the phrase “Darwin’s Theory” instead of “Darwin’s Law”. They wouldn’t be in the trouble they’re in. Of course in science a theory is as serious as it gets, whereas in everyday usage it is something akin to a hunch, an inspired guess at best..Good luck to explaining this to people who don’t want to listen though.

And while this doesn’t seem to be a problem for physicists, even though Einstein’s theories of relativity contain far more counter-intuitive elements than Darwin could ever dream of, it’s one of the “weak points” creationists love to latch onto.

Not only that, it’s hard to be taken seriously in general by the public if your area is “only” a theory. And if you think it can’t get any worse, spare a thought for those brave people who devote their lives researching game theory.