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Sermon on the mount(8)

April 9, 2010

Now I’m gonna preach about software development.

What qualifications have I got to allow me to do this? Well, to start with, I’ve been working as a software developer for some time. And …er, that’s all. So basically I’m going to talk out of my arse, like everyone else, except that I admit it.

There was a story in the papers today about a Polish bloke who burgled companies by posting himself in a large parcel to their addresses, nicking stuff during the night, then posting himself back to his home address. He was caught eventually, but it’s a brilliant idea nevertheless.

And that brings me neatly to the subject of today’s rant: thinking outside the box.

It’s been all the rage for some time in corporate circles and it does my head in. They encourage everyone to think outside the box all the time, completely ignoring the sad truth that most people are thoroughly unable to think, be that inside or outside that box.

Of course I’m not suggesting that nobody should do it, there’s certainly need for people who can pretend that the box isn’t there and come up with ideas the likes of which nobody else had thought before. But more often than not it isn’t what you need at all, not unless ¬†you have to design and create a completely groundbreaking stuff, which you very rarely have to.

It would be much more useful instead if people learned to recognise a box and to be able to figure out why it is there in the first place.

If nothing else, you might avoid being robbed.