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November 25, 2010

Why do “word of the day” sites always feature only posh words? Words like falciform, deltiology or sinecure, who needs all this wishy-washy stuff? I’ve decided to launch my own service built on the principles of modern Web2.0 marketing.

The first rule is that people need simple messages. So no more “of or pertaining to the peafowl” then, and good riddance I say.

The second rule is that you have to engage people, get them involved, talk about what they can personally relate to. Macaronic no, macaroni yes.

And last but not least, your message needs to have a personal touch, people like being addressed directly.

This is the winning formula: simple, engaging, personal.

food n.

  1. It’s what you eat, you moron.

Almost Everywhere

November 16, 2010

‘Dad, I’ve lost my mobile phone, you have to buy me a new one!’
‘Are you sure you’ve really lost it? They don’t grow on trees, you know.’
‘I looked almost everywhere and I can’t find it.’
‘Have you looked in your room?’
‘I see, I see. Now then, if I listed every single place on Earth I can name, would I get a different answer?’
‘But you said you did look almost everywhere.’
‘I did, dad. Honest. Almost everywhere.’
‘Well, in that case I’ll almost surely buy you a new one.’


November 4, 2010

‘The History of the Luddite Movement’ is now available in e-book format!