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Charity Shield

November 16, 2009

Charities are good. It’s a brilliant idea that the better-off can give money to the less fortunate without getting involved in the messy bit, like erm…having to deal with them. It’s clean, it soothes the conscience and well, eventually it helps those in need, so there’s nothing really wrong with that.  You donate, someone (hopefully someone poorer than you) will have a slightly better life, everyone is happy.

But sometimes it doesn’t end there. Sometimes people feel the need to do feats. For charity. Now I don’t mind sponsored marathon running or generally doing something on a dare, mostly stuff you would’ve done as a kid for a fiver and if that’s what coerces people into parting with some of their money, so be it.

So that’s all fine more or less, but what about the more bizarre feats like taking a baked beans bath? Hey, look at me sitting in a tub full of food enough to feed your entire family for a week! Isn’t that taking the piss? There’s even worse though: when people go on a 24 hour fast for charity. People say, oh that’s not worse, it’s solidarity with those who starve. Could well be, but just try hopping on one leg for a day in solidarity with the victims of landmines.