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May 8, 2012

A fruit and veg aisle in a supermarket. A few strands of wilted parsley in a chipped water-glass, some grimy water sloshing about in it. A sign: “Parsley, 49 forints/bunch.”

It’s not the obvious inedibility of the thing itself, not even the less than appetising packaging. It’s the fact that they expect you to pay for it.

People like us

October 13, 2009

Whatever people may say, however useless it seems sometimes, the Freedom of Information Act is crucial. It can be argued that knowing the number of Jedi officers working for Strathclyde Police isn’t that important. (Eight, by the way.) Neither is whether foods or drinks are served during Privy Council meetings. (They are not.) And does it really matter that Bristol City Council owns approximately 35 ceremonial robes?

But the point is that they shouldn’t be laughed at because somewhere out there someone wants to know all this.

I say they shouldn’t be, but sometimes you just can’t resist the temptation.

Cardboard officers.