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July 14, 2011

The other day I was trying to work out how to write a Facebook game that would surreptitiously make players find numerical solutions to stochastic partial differential equations when my train of thought was suddenly derailed.

After staring blankly into space for a few seconds, a new thought struck me.

Does the Queen have a Facebook account? ‘Ah, this must be the replacement bus service,’ said the internal head of ISO9000 of my brain.

If she does, surely she doesn’t update her status herself or comment on others’ posts. That’s the sort of stuff usually done by courtiers. Have they created a new role for this? Hmmm. Or they could’ve just recycled an old one. For example, with the advent of modern plumbing and the mass production of toilet paper, Groom of the Stool has largely lost its original function. They could just rename it Groom of the Tools and there you go. He’s probably clicking away busily as I’m writing this.

Your majesty and 3 others are amused.