Sermon on the mount(8).3

A Workaround

‘Boss, I think we’re stuck.’
‘What’s the problem?’
‘A chasm. We can’t get across it. But I have a solution: we should build a lightweight metal bridge on our side, then winch it across the gap.’
‘Can’t you just leap over it?’
‘Nope, this would be a two-jumper.’
‘You could climb to the bottom and then up on the other side.’
‘That would take ages.’
‘Yes, but it would only be a temporary workaround. It’s better than nothing after all.’

Streamlining the Process

‘Boss, this whole climbing-down-and-up business works better than I expected. I’m getting used to it.’
‘But it’s too slow.’
‘Told you so.’
‘Can’t we do something about it to partially streamline the process?’
‘Like what?’
‘Weeeell, I saw a programme yesterday about base jumping…’

The Ultimate Solution

‘How’s your ankle doing?’
‘It’s healed mostly.’
‘You’d be glad to hear then that I showed the x-ray of your fracture to management and convinced them that the base jumping workaround, although admittedly faster, is a bit less stable.’
‘So will they fund the bridge at last?’
‘They rejected the business case as our workarounds work too well. But to speed your climb up, we hired some consultants who promised to carve steps into the rock face for you.’


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