The idea behind assisted suicide is that it gives you a more dignified way of dying. And that dignity is important, sometimes more important than carrying on living.

And I agree in principle but dignity, like many grand human concepts, is made up of tiny little pieces, all of which have to be perfect.

Take last words for example. We’re all convinced that even stupid or irritating people suddenly become wise and eloquent just because they don’t have much time left. And there might be some truth in this, you probably do choose your words more carefully, in much the same way as when your phone’s battery is about to run out. Maybe even more so because you know nobody’s gonna put you on the charger and call the world back in ten minutes.

Anyhow, famous last words are considered an important part of dying with dignity, that’ they somehow enable you to live on a bit. And I’d also like to believe this was one of the reasons Dignitas stopped putting people down using helium.


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