Dark Matters

“Dad, can I go out and play football?”
“Have you done your homework yet?”
“Then bring it to me, I want to check.”
“Erm, alright. Here it is.”
“Is that it?”
“A couple of inkblots on a scrap of paper?”
“And a letter ‘a’. The rest is invisible, you know.”
“No, as a matter of fact it’s completely undetectable by any means of physical observation. But you can infer its existence indirectly by subtracting the mass of ink used up in the blots and the letter ‘a’ from the amount missing from the pen.”
“It’s still just a scrap of paper though, where’s the rest of your exercise book?”
“That’s invisible too.”
“Is it? Without a doubt there is an indirect way to prove its existence.”
“Of course not, don’t be childish. I merely postulated it.”

And that’s why it isn’t a good idea to teach kids cosmology.


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